Single Fin Dental was founded by Ariel McConnell in July of 2021. With a long history and passion for animals, our founder Ariel started SFD in the hopes of positively impacting as many animals' lives as I can. My love for animals started at a very young age with dogs, cats, ferrets, and snakes. In my teenage years, volunteered at different animal rescues and shelters. As well as venturing into marine biology by volunteering at IGFA with over 800 plus hours of helping educate kids on Florida regulations and conservation efforts for all marine life. Out of high school, I started my first job in the veterinary field as a kennel technician. From high school to adulthood, I continued to work in the veterinary field in many different roles including receptionist, surgery technician, and veterinary technician. After learning very different roles and skills in the vet field, I wanted to expand my education to veterinary dentistry. Starting at the end of 2019, I started working for a company that'd travel all over Florida to perform non-anesthetic dental cleanings. After working and loving the impact I was making within a year the COVID pandemic had hit and unfortunately, I lost my job. After being unemployed for a duration, I decided to start SFD and use my skills and knowledge to assist these sweet babies and educate owners on the importance of oral health. On July 28th I started Single Fin Dental with a lot of heart and passion. I solely continue this company in the hopes to educate more pet owners on the importance of oral health for our animals and the need for anesthesia-free dental cleanings when anesthesia is not needed. SFD currently offers house calls in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Anesthesia-free dental cleanings can be done with cats and dogs of all ages. Over 80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease. This service is usually more utilized by patients with heart conditions, seizures, and other health conditions. The dental cleanings are painless and stress-free. If this interests you and you'd like more information please visit our contact page and we'd love to help your fur baby!

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